Not Married To Any Tech Stack


I’ve done some observation. If you look at job postings in big companies, they always post their job positions with the title “Software engineer” or “Senior software engineer”. While if you look at other companies which are just startups or not that big or might not be very famous, they always post their job offers with the title “{Some_Language} developer” or “Senior {Some_Language} developer”.

Now what’s the difference here? A really good software engineer isn’t bound to any specific tool or technology! Big companies (Not necessarily big in size!) know that. So they’re looking for an engineer who doesn’t rely on a specific tech stack.

Now I have decided to do this by making a complete product, each with a different tech stack! What will I achieve?
I will prove to myself and everyone else that a good programmer isn’t limited to specific tools, and I will have some nice products as well !

So what will I build for my next side project? I’m gonna build a nice job listing website for devs!

What tech stack I’m gonna build it with?

  • Golang
  • Gin
  • MySQL or Postgres

And lastly, Coding Is for Everyone—as Long as You Speak English!